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What Should I Use For Routine Cleaning?


What should I use for routine cleaning?

Detergent can generally be used to clean fabric surfaces. If more thorough cleaning is needed, fabric surfaces may be steam cleaned. Leather will have special cleaning requirements. If soft or porous surfaces require regular cleaning, such as seats in offices, or in vehicles, it may be more effective to use a removable washable cover or a disposable cover and replace these as regularly as you would clean the surfaces.

Hard surfaces

In most circumstances, cleaning with detergent and water is sufficient.

Soft or porous surfaces

For soft or porous surfaces like fabric or leather, seek advice from the manufacturer of the item to be cleaned about which products can be safely used. 

What should I use to disinfect?

Hard surfaces

Disinfectants containing ≥ 70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach are suitable for use on hard surfaces (that is, surfaces where any spilt liquid pools, and does not soak in). These will be labelled as ‘disinfectant’ on the packaging.

Soft or porous surfaces

Disinfectant is not suitable on fabric surfaces as it only works with extended contact time with the surface.

Using disinfectants safely

Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and read the label and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). For information on how to read labels and SDS, see the Safe Work Australia SDS page.

Do not use different types of disinfectants together.

Store your disinfectants safely and securely, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Mix your disinfectants in a well-ventilated area. Some concentrated products recommend the use of a local exhaust ventilation system.

For spraying or misting products, spray directly into the cleaning cloth to dampen the cloth for use. Take care not to generate a mist.

PPE to use when diluting and using disinfectants includes:

  • gloves, elbow-length if available, and
  • eye protection (safety glasses, not prescription glasses).


Disposal or cleaning of materials and PPE

Reusable, washable cloths, PPE and covers should be washed in a regular cycle wash using the warmest possible setting with normal washing detergent. Avoid shaking out the items before placing in the washing machine.

Wear disposable gloves to handle used cloths, PPE and covers. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after removing the gloves.

Regularly wash the hamper in which used PPE is stored while it is waiting to be laundered. If the hamper is not washable, use a disposable lining, and replace regularly.

Reusable, non-washable PPE such as eye protection, should be wiped clean with a detergent solution first, then wiped over with a disinfectant, and left to air dry. Smearing or residues might result, and this can be cleaned off by using more detergent solution and rinsing clean only after the disinfectant has dried.


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