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Do you have questions about our professional cleaning services? We might have answers for you below:

Simply click the ‘Book Now’ link and fill out the form. Our customer service will send you an email the same business day confirming the reservation. You can also call 61 438 793 991 or Email to info@deluxefacilityservices.com.au / deluxefacilityservices@yahoo.com to book your cleaning service.

You will receive a confirmation email that outlines the services you booked and the appointment time. Please review this email to verify all the information is correct.

It depends on your requirements. However we don’t expect to put any of our clients under pressure.

Yes. We would like to have something in writing to make both you and our staff comfortable However but still we can discuss about your concerns of signing a contract

We have been in this industry nearly 14 years and we have staffs that have combine experiences more than 30 years.

It depends on your requirements and the size of your premises but We are happy to provide a full steam cleaning of entire carpet areas or strip and reseal 500SQM of Vinyl floors for free within the first three month of the contract starts and if you agree to have our services full complete year.

Usually we provide all products what needed to be delivering cleaning services. Also you can order some cleaning product through our office if you need

While we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services, we will not wet wipe light bulbs, move large furniture, or dispose of an excessive amount of trash. However still we can discuss about your concerns

We stand behind our service. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours so we can re-evaluate. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Our accounts department will advise you and you can always contact our client relationship manager for payment options.

Please contact accounts department


Yes, we are! To obtain proof of insurance, you can email us at info@deluxefacilityservices.com.au/ deluxefacilityservices@yahoo.com and we’ll send you our current documentation.

We are so keen to replace the damage item or we can cover your damage cost through our insurances

We always provide a deep initial cleaning on the start


No, you do not! It’s completely your choice whether you would like to be home during your appointment. If you prefer, you can just leave a key and we’ll take care of everything!

To ensure we only attract the most trustworthy, all employees must pass a federal police check before employment commences and be:

It depends on the size of your premises and your cleaning requirements

It always depends on the size of your premises and your cleaning requirements

To know more about our services, feel free to get in touch and contact us here.

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